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حذرت الشرطة الألمانية من عمليات النشل والسرقة والاحتيال التي يقوم بها أشخاص منتحلين صفة الشرطة
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تقرير وكالة الأنباء الكويتية


Kuwait’s Prosperity

Kuwait’s Prosperity

Kuwait, or officially the State of Kuwait , was referred to by the name Qurain ( or Grain ) in the early seventeenth century. The names “ Qurain “ or Kuwait are diminutive of the Arabic words Qarn and Kout.

Qarn is a high hill and Kout is a fortress. Kout means a house built in the form of a fortress, adjacent to water. The plural of Kout is Acquat, as used by the Arabian Peninsula’s historians when they referred to a number of castles in towns with forts and walls. Some historians believe that Barrak, Sheikh of the Bani Khalid tribe, built “ Kuwait “ in “ Qurain ” and that since then, the city has been mostly referred to by the name “ Kuwait “. This agrees with the local traditional story that Sheikh Barrak Ibn Ghurair Al-Hamid, who ruled the Bani Khalid tribe from ( 1669 to 1682), built Kuwait before the beginning of the eighteenth century (AD) / the twelfth century (AH).

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