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حذرت الشرطة الألمانية من عمليات النشل والسرقة والاحتيال التي يقوم بها أشخاص منتحلين صفة الشرطة
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تقرير وكالة الأنباء الكويتية


Report 2009/2010

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Forty Eighth Annual Report 2009/2010

Kuwait Fund continued its development activities during the current fiscal year 2009/2010. which included the extension of concessional loans to finance development projects. The proposed projects were appraised technically, financially, economically and legally to ascertain their developmental impact on the economies of the recipient countries.

The Fund also continued to provide necessary technical assistance required to finance the preparation of feasibility studies for projects and to improve administrative and technical capabilities of the beneficiary countries.In addition, the Fund followed up on its projects under implementation and provided advice and consultation to recipient countries to assist them in the realization of the objectives of these projects.In Addition,the Fund contributed to the financial resources of development institutions to support their activities in developing countries.

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